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Info Slide

The new info slide script slides content over top of images such as shown here. It can be applied to any Vertex template. Read more...

File Compression

Vertex 2 adds the ability to consolidate all core template css and js files into compressed files to increase performance. Read more...

Best Technology

The Vertex responsive layout uses media queries with virtually no javascript at all to create it's adaptive layout. Read more...

Flexibility Made Easy

Why is the Vertex 2 framework the most powerful ever? Other responsive templates force you to use a responsive layout no matter what, a Vertex 2 template makes responsive layouts completely optional.

Easy to understand layouts make setup a breeze. Our templates begin with a standard desktop view of a site with rows and columns and then make minor adjustments.

Hide content, images, modules, third party extensions, etc. very easily for different sized screens to make everything fit and look proportionate.

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Robust Layout Options

Optional Responsive Layout

Not looking for a responsive layout? Not a problem, just turn it off and use the fixed or fluid layout instead! All the responsive features are totally optional.
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Drop Down Panel Enabled

Drop Down Panel Enabled

The drop down contains six positions for any module. Some features include: customize sizes, gradients, set the open and close text, and more!
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New Info Slide Script

Info Slide Enabled

The new info slide script is a great way to present content to your viewers. It's text will slide over top of any image and scroll with a nice smooth effect.
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Hiding Divs

Hide certain sections when it reaches tablet or mobile size to easily hide extensions or content that do not work well with responsive layouts. For example, reduce the size of this page and this module will remove itself from the page, and re-appear for mobile. This is all optional and you choose the areas that hide. Find Out How...

Best Business Practices

Learn The Pro's Best Secrets
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In addition to being able to hide sections of the template as explained above, you can also hide certain content or entire modules with hide classes. For example reduce the size of this page and this module will disappear when it reaches 1300px wide. Find Out How...
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